I will get your keep

As we all know the Iron Banks, can be difficult to deal with when the time comes to find your perfect keep. You need someone on your side who can guide you through these difficult, and often frustrating battles.

You need the Broker of the North.

Having being in many battles over the last 20 years The Broker of the North can call on experience to achieve the desired results. His many years of experience have also won him many allies and contacts; builders, pest inspectors, lawyers and the like, who can help you along in your journey.

Many years of hard labour and guarding your gold and silver have got you here today. It is our job to help secure you some of the finest land in the country and get you your keep!

There are many Brokers in the Kingdom of Brisbane. However there is only one Broker of the North and he knows that when you play the Game of Homes you either win or die… there is no middle ground.