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Finance Brokers Brisbane

What do a couple buying their first home, a business owner planning to open a new office, a homeowner hoping to refinance, a property investor and a self-employed builder looking to buy a new trade vehicle all have in common? They can all benefit greatly from meeting with a finance broker Brisbane.

Many people assume that finance brokers Brisbane are only helpful when it comes to taking out a home loan. Or they like the idea of using a finance broker but don’t want to pay for financial advice. These common misconceptions about finance brokers can hold people back from accessing a service that is designed to assist people (in a wide range of circumstances) to achieve their financial goals.

A finance broker in Brisbane can work closely with first home buyers, homeowners who want to refinance, business owners, self-employed people, investors and anyone purchasing a new vehicle or equipment. Their aim? To provide great advice, make things as simple and stress-free as possible and find the best loan to suit the specific circumstances of the customer.

What does a Finance Broker Brisbane do?

A finance broker Brisbane works on behalf of local consumers to help them find and then secure appropriate finance options. They’re the liaison between the lender and the borrower, advocating for the benefit of the borrower. A finance broker has a comprehensive knowledge of the finance industry, is intimately acquainted with the many loan products on offer from a broad cross-section of lenders and is committed to always working in the best interests of the customer. They can answer your questions, provide tailored advice, compare loan options and offer suggestions on which product they think would be most suitable to achieve your financial goal.

Experienced finance brokers will be able to assist you with multiple finance decisions. Not only will they be able to assist you in securing a home loan, but they can also facilitate car or vehicle loans, commercial loans, business finance loans, investment loans and refinancing options. So, there’s no need to have a mortgage broker, a car broker and a business loan broker – a skilled finance broker can help you in every situation.

With a finance broker, you get the kind of personalised, one-on-one service that now seems to be missing within the finance industry. You’re not dealing with a nameless, faceless, rotating cast of customer service representatives. Instead, you have an advocate who knows you personally and understands your circumstances. And not only do they know you, but they also genuinely want to help you achieve the best possible outcome. So, they’ll work hard on your behalf.

At North Brisbane Home Loans, we have a dedicated team of financial brokers who can assist customers with a wide range of financial needs.

We’re proud to hold a 5-star rating on Google that is based on over 145 verified reviews:

“Thanks to Pat and the Team at North Brisbane Home Loans for walking us through the finance to purchase our next home. It was super daunting buying and selling and the team were always willing to help out giving us advice on different options for finance that might suit us. They even gave us an idea on value for potential houses. We look forward to working with Pat and the Team again.” – Scott Bates

“Shout out to North Brisbane Home Loans and their broker Luke Ashby. Couldn’t be happier with the service and getting my small business off the ground. Luke was fast, reliable and kept in constant contact throughout the application/approval process for my business loan.” – Shay Clifford

“Refinancing can be a really daunting and complicated process, the team at NBHL were so helpful and professional, they really know their stuff and made it as easy as it could possibly be…more importantly they saved me thousands of dollars in the process…I also had no idea they did car loans? The team saved me thousands here too…I can’t recommend NBHL enough. Thanks for everything!” – James Coulson

“Thank you, Patrick, Di and team. We really appreciate all the help and information you provided us with our first home loan. NBHL made the process simple and easy to go through. You and your team were very quick to answer any queries we had and easy to get in touch with. We will definitely be using the NBHL team again in the future. Thank you!” – Brittany Adams

“Both my wife and I are self-employed and historically have struggled with getting a mortgage through a traditional lender. North Brisbane Home Loans made the process easy for us and accommodated all our needs. I can highly recommend them for all your mortgage needs.” – Paul Leslie

Frequently Asked Questions About Finance Brokers Brisbane

Will a finance broker have access to the same loan products as the big banks?
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Yes, a finance broker has access to the same loan products that you’d be offered if you went directly to one of the big (or small) banks. The difference with a finance broker is that they can compare loans from all the different lenders. When you approach a bank directly, they’re only going to offer you the loans they have available (and they’re certainly not going to tell you about a better deal from one of their competitors!).

Should I check if my finance broker is licensed?
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Definitely. Brokers in Australia must comply with the regulations set out by the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) and the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (NCCP). These regulations stipulate that a broker needs to either hold an Australian Credit License (ACL) or be acting as a representative for someone else who does have an ACL. It’s also worth asking if your broker is an accredited member of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA), the peak national body for finance brokers in Australia. MFAA members must abide by an industry Code of Practice that champions the trustworthiness of brokers.

How much will a finance broker Brisbane charge for their services?
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This will depend on the mortgage broker that you choose. At North Brisbane Home Loans, we don’t charge a fee or commission of any kind. This means that using our services won’t cost you anything. Instead, we receive payment from whichever lender you decide to go with. However, some brokers will charge either a one-off fee or a commission for their services. By law, brokers must let you know upfront how they are paid, but make sure you read and understand any fine print if the broker is charging you directly. A 2% commission may not sound like much, but on a $350,000 loan this works out to be a staggering $7,000.

Do finance brokers work for the banks?
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Some financial brokerage services are owned by banks or finance lenders. North Brisbane Home Loans is not owned by and does not work directly for any lender. We are completely independent, which means we work for our customers. Our goal as an independent finance broker is to find the best loan option to suit your needs, with no hidden agendas or unmentioned allegiances to any particular lender.

Why should I use a finance broker Brisbane?
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Working with a finance broker gives you access to the widest possible range of loan products. A finance broker will also be able to save you significant time, by doing the necessary research and comparisons on your behalf. Additionally, finance brokers have industry-specific knowledge that can work in your favour. For example, they’ll know which lenders are more likely to accommodate self-employed borrowers and how a specific lender will react to a first home buyer who wants to use a guarantor. So, not only is the process easier, more efficient and more thorough, but you’re also giving yourself the best possible chance of being successful with your loan application.

Can I trust a finance broker?
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Yes, you can. MFAA accredited finance brokers are governed by an industry Code of Practice that “supports the alignment of the retail mortgage market with investor and consumer trust and confidence.” Additionally, brokers must comply with the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 which was amended in 2020 to include what’s commonly known as the ‘Best Interests Duty’ reform. This amendment is composed of two basic principles:

  • Brokers must act in the best interests of their customers.
  • Brokers must focus on consumer interests when providing credit assistance.
  • That means that when you work with a broker, they are required by law to only offer advice or recommendations that are in your very best interests. Any broker that fails to do this will be held accountable and face penalties.

Working with a Business Finance Broker Brisbane

Business finance can be quite complex in comparison to standard home loans and vehicle finance options. Depending on the unique needs of your business and your long and short-term business goals, you may benefit from a business loan (either fixed or variable), development finance, an unsecured business overdraft or a secured business equity line. Finding the right business finance options from the right lender will play a critical role in your ability to grow your business.

That is why it’s important to start with the right advice from an experienced professional. A business finance broker in Brisbane can work with you to establish what will be the best possible finance option to achieve the desired outcome. If you need a commercial business loan broker Brisbane then come to North Brisbane Home Loans! We will help you in getting the best loan options for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Finance Brokers

Why should I use a business finance broker?
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A business finance broker in Brisbane will be able to help you decipher the small print, compare finance options from a wide pool of lenders and understand the short and long-term ramifications of the various possibilities available. They can save you time, save you money and provide you with the information you need to make the right decision about what will be the best choice for your business.

Can’t I get the same level of service from my business banking contact?
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If you have a business banking contact then they will be able to assist you, but only in a limited way. While they can answer your questions, provide tailored advice and help you to submit the necessary paperwork, they can’t compare all of the available loan products from a broad selection of lenders. And they’re under no obligation to tell you if they know of another lender that can offer you a better deal. In contrast, a business finance broker will compare all the options and provide unbiased advice.

How do I choose the right business finance option?
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There are a range of different business finance products available, including traditional bank loans, business equity loans and unsecured loans. However, depending on your circumstances, you may find it is more beneficial for your business to acquire a line of credit, business credit cards, invoice financing or overdraft. No two businesses are ever going to be exactly the same, so the right business finance option will vary depending on your business structure and future financial goals. To make sure you choose the right business finance option, talk to a business finance broker Brisbane.

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