It is confusing out here when looking for a loan when you have done it before. So buying your first home can be daunting. So much to weigh up. Loan amounts, deposit amounts, types of deposits, rates, fixed versus variable – where do you start to look? Well best bet is to get hold of someone who has done it many times before and use their knowledge to help you make informed decisions. A coach. Someone who is there with you, working with you towards a common goal.

Designed to ensure that your assets reap the most monetary rewards, an investment plan works at building your wealth and ensuring your financial freedom.
While some may find this future far-fetched, it is never too late to start! Although the housing market experiences rises and dips, the risk involved in taking out an investment plan is significantly lowered with the assistance and expertise of a professional mortgage broker.

Many small and home-based businesses are often missing out on gaining good rates due to the banks pricing for risk due to being “business” related with high upfront costs, rates and ongoing fees. With residential or commercial backed security these businesses are now offered alternatives through financial institutions that can often provide home loan rates to meet their needs. One call could make thousands of dollars in savings by being on the front foot and not just paying what everyone else is taking.

As the name puts it, bridging loans offers individual who require a sum of money to cover the cost gap when purchasing a property before the existing on is sold. This loan is normally short term and more expensive than its counterparts. The trick is to know who you can use to make the process simpler and not so expensive.

Similar to the standard variable loan, the honeymoon loan evolves into the former after the ‘honeymoon’ period expires. This period usually lasts up to twelve months where clients enjoy a lower repayment.
Once this period is over, you may find yourself having a make a higher repayment for the remainder for the loan and a fee will be charged when one switches to another loan type. Therefore, be sure to speak to your mortgage broker to plan out your repayment carefully.

Termed the “no-frills” loan, the standard variable is a basic loan that can sometimes have an offset connected – but depends on the lender and also what if any ongoing fees are associated with it. A  fixed rate loan offers clients the ease of mind of not having to face fluctuating interest rates over the years of repayment. Once a rate is set, it is locked it for a specific period, normally between one and five years. This presents you a proper structure in your financial planning for your future aspirations or just protect you from rates in a potential rising market. You can combine these with some banks to get the best of both worlds. We work with you to custom a loan package that suits your own situation.

nbhl_111  INSURANCE
Apart from bringing you loan related services; we also offer the services of a leading local broker in house for risk and life insurance where you can secure your financial freedom and future.
Neil offers his expertise to various individuals from first home buyers, professionals and business owners to those with uncommon employment.

Our in house financial planner is a valued member of our team. Glenn works with our clients towards their goals financially. Be that a retirement strategy, combing superannuation into a better fund to save fees and simplify things or budgeting to get into a better financial position overall. We offer this service to all of our clients and Glenn is happy to meet obligation free for the first meeting. You can find more information and contact Neil and Glenn here: www.fairwayfinancial.com.au

We offer our expertise to various individuals from first home buyers to those with uncommon employment. We have the loan that you are looking for. Our wealth of knowledge in company, trusts and SMSF mortgages will ensure that we find the perfect match for you.

As your mortgage specialist, we provide you comprehensive comparison of a variety of loan options from a list of lenders and advise you with choosing the most suitable one for your needs.

Please call us on the details below and one of our mortgage brokers will contact you to discuss your eligibility for a home loan.